You have all been warned.


10384896_10203677455469368_6639536856987819908_n SO….... Beachbody is flying me to California tomorrow for a little celebration for hitting the highest rank you can achieve in the business – 15 Star. They call it SuperStar Day.Here’s the thing guys. I’ll be doing an interview with the CEO of Beachbody – Carl Daikeler. And it will be posted on Youtube. And I feel I need to give everyone a warning now …...>>>> I AM A HUGE DORK!! ...<<<<So you can’t be surprised if you guys see me break out in a nervous laughter when the CEO asks me a question, k?! In fact – just expect it. The truth is this whole experience will be quite BIZARRE for me. It will be a NUMBER of firsts.~ First time flying first class.~ First time driving in a LIMO. {Well…. at this last Summit David and I took our diamonds to a Blue Man Group show and got everyone there in stretch hummers. But I’m not counting that because it was a hummer. ;)} ~ First time flying in a helicopter.

I kind of feel like I’ll be a fish out of water. lol. I know I’m a 15 Star Diamond, but that’s because my TEAM is freaking AWESOME. ME – I’m still a dork and just starting to figure out this crazy thing called LIFE. I’ll probably meet Carl for the first time and stand there GAWKING and staring with my jaw to the ground, drool dripping out the corners of my mouth, eyes wide open, FROZEN, not sure what to say. I’m sure all the other 15 Star Diamond coaches are going to be all professional and fancy with their expensive clothes. And I’ll show up in my Old Navy jeans and Target heels and be REALLY out of place. haha.

But ya know what?? I felt the same way when I signed up as a coach. I felt out of place. I even had doubts of “WHO DO I THINK I AM??” What makes me think I can build a freaking FITNESS business? I’m not the most fit person in the world. How do I build a NETWORK MARKETING business when I don’t know very many people? I don’t have a college degree. I don’t have ANY real business experience. I can’t compete with everyone else out there!

But I just said SCREW IT. I’m not going to be like everybody else. I’m going to just be ME. I embraced my dorkhood and say – Screw the home parties, screw the traditional network marketing “strategies”. If I’m going to build a business I’m going to do it MY WAY!

Luckily it worked. I guess dorks can be really great Beachbody coaches and change the world if they are willing to work hard enough.

So I’m taking the same approach to these next few days. I am who I am. I may be like the hillbilly going to Beverly Hills here ….. but HOW COOL IS THAT?!! I’ll give HOPE to all the dorky hillbillies in the world.