I was just checking out at the grocery store and overheard a conversation. The lady in front me was checking out and the cashier asked her “how are you?”

Her reply…. “I’ll be happy next week…” She continued in sharing her complaints and frustrations. From what she shared I could gather that no one had died, no major catastrophe had occurred… She was simply waiting to be happy next week. 

Her words stood out to me. 

I reflected on all the times I had that same thought process. I mastered “waiting” to be happy! 

I had my laundry list of reasons why I couldn’t possibly be happy NOW, alongside my list of all the things I felt I “needed” before I could be happy. 

I can tell you from experience that’s no way to live! 

I wanted to stop this woman, shake her shoulders, and share my experience of sadness and REGRET spending YEARS with that attitude. Maybe it was a harmless comment to her, but all I could think was it’s TUESDAY. Don’t wait until NEXT WEEK to be happy!!!

Find something to be grateful for. It will bring the power to choose happiness NOW.