Whelp…..it’s official - I failed!


brigitte linford The top ten coaches for 2014 were just announced, and I’m not one of them. Which means I’m not going to Paris.For two years in a row I have had the intention to be a top ten coach. Last year I ended in the #14 spot. And while I don’t know the exact numbers, my guess is I ended 2014 in the #14 spot again.

Am I wallowing in self pity? Beating myself up? Embarrassed that I so publicly set a goal and {once again} came up short? Spending the night with a tub of ice cream while tears stream down my face? I’ll totally admit that was my initial reaction last year. lol. Guess I learned a few things this year in my personal development reading. Cuz that’s not what’s going on right now.

My first reaction is EXCITEMENT for the 2014 top ten coaches. They most certainly deserve to be where they are right now. Congratulations to them!

Second reaction – gotta keep moving forward! I set my intention to be a top ten coach to STRETCH myself and because I see value in dreaming BIG. I just always figured – why NOT go for it?? But my REASON for signing up as a coach in the first place was NOT so I could be a top ten coach. I signed up because these products have CHANGED my life! I knew others deserved to feel GOOD about themselves. I couldn’t IMAGINE keeping this to myself and not sharing the good news.

So I’ll keep on honoring my purpose for being a coach. I’ll keep on sharing my PASSION for these products and this business. I’ll keep on taking advantage of this opportunity to GROW and LEARN and improve myself. And I’ll keep on seeking out opportunities to serve those around me.

I appreciate everything I have learned in 2014. I appreciate my amazing amazing team. And now I’m looking forward to what’s coming next! Let’s see what the future brings!

#failingforward #nevergiveup #KEEPMOVINGFORWARD! #alwayslearning