Visualize Your Dream Day


Driving home from a lunch with Jayson and Phoebe and it just hit me ~~~~~> THIS IS WHAT I DREAMED ABOUT FOR YEARS!!!⠀⠀⠀⠀



A few years ago I felt like a single mom. When me and the kids woke up Jayson was already at work. He would leave from one job straight to another. Then he would come home from that second job to find the kids in bed already. Nearly every Saturday he would be gone all day long.
Our kids were growing up without their dad. And in my heart I knew, life didn’t have to be that way.
I started Beachbody coaching and learned about visualization. So I put it to the test! Every morning I set two alarm clocks, ten minutes apart. When the first alarm clock went off I stayed in my bed and visualized my dream day until the second alarm went off.
I visualized waking up with my husband still by my side. Eating breakfast TOGETHER as a family. Getting the kids off to school. Doing a little work at the computer. Taking a lunch break with my husband just because. Both of us being HOME when the kids walked through the door from school. Nobody rushing off to work. Nobody asking a boss for permission to be with the family. ::::FREEDOM:::: I could FEEL what it would feel like. The emotions, the peace, the gratitude.
After ten minutes of visualization my eyes would well up with tears, my heart pounding with adrenaline, my spirit BURNING with passion. And I KNEW that all my fears and self doubts and concerns over what others might think of me – NONE OF THAT MATTERED!!!! I KNEW – it would be worth it. That’s how I started everyday and BOY did it make a difference.
⠀⠀⠀⠀Now, three years later we get to experience as a FAMILY what I visualized all those years. Our family wakes up to Jayson HOME. We can eat breakfast together as a family. And I can take random lunch dates with my husband and our little side kick.
THIS is what I visualized everyday for years. And I gotta say….. it feels EVEN BETTER than I imagined.