VISION | Guest Post by Jayson Linford

VISION is all about which direction you face. Are you looking back on past success or failure, pain and heartache, what could have been? Or do you face forward and thank God for the view. 

Sometimes I feel like I have lived two lifetimes. The one that I used to live was always looking back at the past, what might have been. Every idea about following my passion and dreams were thwarted by the thought of FAILURE

These thoughts came because my face was turned toward the BANKRUPTCY I went through years before. It didn’t just stop at business but it permeated throughout my life. I found myself getting out of shape, and unhappy because I was facing the WRONG way. YOU CANNOT BE OPTIMISTIC ABOUT THE FUTURE IF YOU ARE FOCUSED ON THE PAST!!

Happiness is not a destination and should NOT be the goal it is only the byproduct of living a life consistent with your values and vision.

If you want to find happiness then get to work on what is in FRONT of you.