Two opportunities. Two different results. And an opportunity for YOU!


Once upon a time there was this girl named Bree. She was the most CONSISTENT real estate agent in the office she worked at. She showed up every single day for work. She worked every single open house, went on all the tours for the new listings, and volunteered to work the phones every single day.
And yet she was the biggest failure.

In an entire year of working, she never had ONE sale. She was never hired by someone to list their house. She made ZERO MONEY after working CONSISTENTLY for an entire year.


WELL….. Bree was scared of failure. She was scared of rejection. So Bree was too scared to open her mouth and TALK to people. Instead, she sat around the open houses WAITING for people to walk in the door and come to HER.

{{For more of the story of about BREE, watch this video…..}}

Can you relate? Do you WANT life to be different but you keep on waiting for it to happen TO you? Instead of being willing to DO something about it?

Well I’m sure you can guess by the photo, Bree is ME. 12 years ago I was a real estate agent and it could have been a WONDERFUL opportunity for me. But I didn’t take advantage of it.

When I heard about Beachbody coaching two years ago I’ll be honest…. I had the same fear of failure. Same concerns about rejection. I am a stay at home mom who rarely gets out. I’m more of an introvert than anything. (I prefer solitude over being in a group) And I was CLUELESS when it came to Social Media. In fact I had 200 friends on Facebook when I signed up, and I did ONE POST on Facebook the entire previous year.

But I was smart enough to see an OPPORTUNITY. And it was an opportunity just like I had as a real estate agent.

And at that point, I had lived TEN YARS with regret. And I had learned ——— > struggle is far less painful than regret.

You don’t get very many opportunities in life to turn things around. I had an opportunity as a real estate agent and I blew it. So ten years later when another opportunity came my way…. I grabbed it. I signed up as a Beachbody coach and COMMITTED to go ALL IN.



So here’s an opportunity for YOU.

I am hosting a coaching OPEN HOUSE this next week. This is for anyone that isn’t already a coach that is INTERESTED in coaching.

I’ll share WHAT we do as coaches. HOW it all works. And WHY I have loved being a coach.

And I’ll be up front…. at this point my team is pretty big so I’m not looking for just ANYONE. I’m looking for people who feel this DEEP DESIRE for helping others realize their true potential. I’m looking for individuals who have a good work ethic. Individuals who are TEACHABLE. Individuals who are TEAM PLAYERS.

Also in the name of being up front… I will tell you now this isn’t quick money. My income for the first three weeks of being a coach was fifty bucks. haha.

BUT — in this business your income is a direct reflection of the number of lives you change. So if you are willing to give this your all and focus on PEOPLE then your income will grow!



Last year, my Beachbody earnings more than DOUBLED the salary my husband had at his previous job. And in the first four months of this year I have earned more money than I did ALL of last year. The potential here is incredible.

But this isn’t just an opportunity to be successful, but SIGNIFICANT too. You have an opportunity to know your life MATTERS. To know that people are looking up to YOU. To know you’re inspiring others to BE the people they were meant to be! Personally, I can’t think of a better job in the world.

So if you’re SICK of living your life like BREE….

If you’re DONE with letting opportunities pass you by……

——> then here’s your chance.

Join my coaching OPEN HOUSE for seven days and see what this is all about. (non-coaches only)