Four years ago I made a decision to change my life. Literally – one day, one simple moment, I drew a line in the sand on my 29th birthday and committed to living a healthy lifestyle.  

I’ve thought a lot about that day – what made the difference? I had THOUGHT about it many times before. I had the desire. I had even made attempts to change my eating habits and start a workout routine – but I never stuck with it.  

Well…. there were some KEY ACTIONS that I believe made the difference in sticking with it. I’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 things and figured it would be helpful to share.  

1st- I felt a sense of urgency. Illogical or not, in my mind I only had one year. I was now starting the last year of my 20s and in my mind that meant it was my LAST CHANCE to do something with my 20s. The quote “It’s a shame for a woman to grow old and never see the strength and beauty of which her body is capable of” HAUNTED me.  

2nd- I embraced the pain and let it FUEL my desire for change. They say good is the enemy of great. When you’re comfortable you don’t strive for greatness. When you’re in pain – you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get OUT of that situation.  

3rd – I identified ONE thing I could change. A baby step forward. It was overwhelming to think of ALL the changes I needed to make. So I started with just adding exercise. After that, I added in good nutrition. Focusing on one thing at a time created a domino effect that was attainable and sustainable.  

4th – I took personal accountability. 

Prior to my 29th birthday I won’t lie- I really liked to blame my husband for my unhealthy choices. He wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle – so why did I have to? I also blamed my friends and extended family. None of them were eating salads and working out. I even blamed my kids for refusing to eat veggies! lol. I told myself it was TOO HARD to be the only one eating healthy. But playing the victim was getting me no where. I faced the reality that my current situation was a result of MY choices. If I wanted to get a different result I had to do it for myself, and by myself if needed. 

5th- I focused on where I wanted to be {and WHO I wanted to be} over where/who I was RIGHT NOW. I set my eyes UPWARDS.  

Beforehand I had labeled myself with all sorts of negative beliefs. My label then was “I’m just an unhealthy person who never finishes anything.” But I knew if I was going to change my reality I had to change my beliefs and labels. It was a process that began {for me} spiritually. I prayed and prayed for charity – to see myself the way God did. After months of studying charity in the scriptures and daily prayer – I finally did have that change of heart. And I KNEW I was a good person with a great divine nature. That changed everything.  

And there you have it. The top FIVE THINGS I applied to break bad habits and see long lasting changes. The good news is anyone can do these same things!! Which means…. ANYONE can change. It’s never to late to make a different choice and see a different result.