Top 1 Percent!


10382775_10203902532496153_8187165648241858168_nI know I’m always giving a shout out to my team, but for good reason. I truly am surrounded by some PRETTY INCREDIBLE people.

Check this out. ~~~~> There are a LOT of coaches in the Beachbody network, over 226,000 coaches to be precise. And our team is REALLY quite new. Only 2 1/2 years old! And yet, in that time we have a LOT of coaches who have risen to the top 1 percent for the ENTIRE network! {according to Beachbody’s leaderboard}

These coaches are leading teams that are outperforming others who have been doing this a LOT longer!! In fact many of these coaches have only been building their business for MONTHS. Can you imagine where they will be a year from now?? To see them rise to the top in such a SHORT amount of time is INSPIRING!!

These ladies are all leading POWERHOUSE teams. They are LEADERS. They are moms, writers, teachers, nurses, personal trainers, marketers, engineers, photographers, corporate workers, teaching home school to their kids, and leading with PASSION and HEART in our UNITED quest to help others live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

While it’s impressive to see SO MANY leaders on our team representing the top 1 percent in the ENTIRE company, I know there are SEVERAL more on our team that are well on their way. And with the EXPLOSION of growth that is happening on our team right now, and the trainings we have in place, I know there are many who have yet to join our team that will be joining these ladies.

:::::> PROUD of you ladies!!!! You’re representing our team quite well.

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