Today I will do something even if it's small


1959571_10204030766261917_8977923709572672587_nI’ve been sick for about a week now. Dealing with a sinus infection and boy has it knocked me on my back!

Tired. Weak. Taking lots of naps. And letting my to-do list grow longer which each passing day. Now I’m feeling a little better – but with so much to do, where do I start?

This morning I prayed I pled with God to assist me. And I was reminded of a truth I learned years ago, back when I was learning how to overcome the habits of depression. ——> God can only guide my feet if I’m moving.

“Do something, anything, and THEN I can direct you on what to do next.”

Of course! I may not feel 100% right now. But I CAN do SOMETHING.

Scripture study. Yoga. Now a shower. It’s a start.

And once again I am reminded of my life commitment. Sometimes I may run. Other times I’ll walk. But even if I have to crawl, I will move forward.

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