This whole Superstar event has been an experience I'll never forget.


247068_10203694517455907_3044528171727894200_nSo many thoughts running through my mind. Ways I can better ME, sharpen my business skills, ideas on how to perfect the art of empowering my coaches and ALL those who come to me wanting to live a healthier more fulfilling life. Visions of future possibilities. Ideas and questions on “how can I make everyone I meet feel as SPECIAL as Beachbody made me feel yesterday?” “What is it EXACTLY that I admire in the way Beachbody corporate runs their business? And how can I duplicate that myself with my team?”

So many thoughts. So many emotions and feelings. So inspired by the people I was lucky to surround myself with these past few days. So touched by the thoughtfulness of each personalized gift. So GRATEFUL for my team, the friendships I’ve made, the people I’ve met, this incredible opportunity.

With all these thoughts and feelings and ideas swarming in my mind I found I couldn’t sleep last night. I felt God stirring my heart and mind all night long, trying to feed me ideas and inspiration. It’s all a little much, a tad overwhelming. I find myself asking God- Where do I start? What ideas do I implement first? What can I do TODAY to have the greatest impact? God- what can I do to better fulfill the purpose and plan you have for me? Lay it out for me… where do you want me to go, and what do you want me to do?

I don’t know the answers to those questions quite yet. So I intend to just sit with my pen and paper, ready to write and write and write until ALL the thoughts swirling in my mind are down on paper and I KNOW what God wants me to do.

Praying to make sense of the bundle of emotions and ideas that at this very moment consume me. God is trying to tell me SOMETHING. I intend to figure out WHAT.