The Power of Visualization

Did you know I’ve been visualizing this summer break for six months now? 

At the beginning of the year I realized I needed a new goal that I could attach to a VISION

I have never been one to be motivated by a certain rank or income. To set goals like that it had to MEAN something for me, but more importantly – my family. 

As a new coach my first goal was to make a thousand dollars a month so my husband could quit his second job. I visualized our family having dinner together. That hadn’t happened for awhile because Jayson was working so much! 

Once we got to that point my next goal and vision was to double Jayson’s income so we felt comfortable leaving that job. I would visualize going on random lunch dates, eating breakfast together as a family, and having more family time. 

Then….. I started visualizing moving to Arizona. I set certain benchmark goals so I could feel comfortable moving to an area with higher living expenses. I visualized the sun and swimming in a backyard pool with my family. 

After that ….. Honestly, I couldn’t think of another goal to visualize. Lol. I had goals of course, but not a VISION attached to them. Because of that I lost some drive last year! A clear vision of WHAT COULD BE for your family if you hit certain goals is sooooo important. 

Complacency didn’t feel good though, and I knew I had to find a vision to drive me forward! Finally I thought of something I could VISUALIZE for my family. I decided if I hit some benchmark goals in my business I would buy a boat and spend the summer going on family trips. 

So EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past six months I have visualized THIS

Packing up today to head to Lake Havasu with my family for the next 5 days and I have to say…... This was SO worth it. 

If you are wondering HOW to find the motivation to do the hard things and keep moving forward- Find something that MEANS something for you and your family, attach a goal to it, and visualize that happening in your life for at least ten minutes a day. 

That’s my trick!  It will motivate you to take the action steps necessary to move FORWARD.