The modern mans' anxiety


brigitte linford“The modern mans’ anxiety and insecurity stems from a lack of “self-realization.” Inner security can only be found in finding oneself an individuality, uniqueness and distinctiveness that is akin to the idea of being created in the image of God.Self realization is gained by a simple belief in one’s own uniqueness as a human being, a sense of deep and wide awareness of all people and all thing…s and a feeling of constructive influencing of others through one own personality.” – Dr Norton L Williams. That’s my new favorite quote from this book I’m reading.

To me is a reminder of what I know- that I am all things good because I am a creation of God. No one else on earth has my unique set of gifts and skills, no one else looks like me. No one else has had my unique set of experiences. Therefore, I have a unique opportunity to serve others in a way no one else can.

And guess what? ——-> SO DO YOU.

Everything that has happened in your life is for a reason!! You have unique gifts and skills and opportunities to serve those around you that no one else has. You can influence the world for good!! In your own unique way.

Basically…... You’re pretty awesome.

And so is the person standing next to you. Make sure they know that too.