The highlight of my morning so far?


brigitte linford beachbodyThe look on Jayson‘s face as we saw Phoebe gather all her socks in a pile, then line up her shoes, the move on to lining up her hair bows.

Kids are so fun and always doing stuff like this. But to see my husband’s eyes filled with love and admiration for our little spunky girl- in that moment I felt immense gratitude that he is HOME.

I remember so many times when Mack and Andi were toddlers and I’d see them so cute stuff like this. I would take a picture and try to capture the cuteness of the moment so I could later share it with my husband. He was working two jobs, rarely at home, and MISSED a lot of our kid’s childhood. I’d share pictures with him, but it’s not the same.

So today, I’m grateful. Grateful I get to see all the cute little things my kids do. And my husband gets to see it too. We can share these memories TOGETHER. And it may seem like a little thing, but to me- it’s actually a BIG thing. THIS is the dream I worked SO hard for.

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