The Feather Jar

To be honest, today was the first day I have ever kept a feather. I’ve come across many before, acknowledged the meaning, and blew them away.  

But today was different. I decided I wanted to keep them, and even collect future feathers I discover as a constant reminder that God is surrounding me with Angels.  

So off I went to a store tonight to find a canister.  

I found the perfect canister, but as I reached for it on the shelf, I saw an identical one, albeit much larger, behind it.  

I hesitated.  

“Which one should I get?” “Am I worthy of THAT many feathers?” “No…. Who do I think I am that I could one day fill a BIG canister full of feathers?” “God loves you, but not THAT much, you’ll be lucky to ever fill a small container by the time you die.”

Remnants of the negative self banter that dominated my thinking for so long. Luckily I’ve learned how to nip self limiting beliefs in the bud.  

I caught myself and restored the truth. “NO. That’s a lie. The truth is I deserve all the abundance God could possibly provide. There is so much goodness in store for me, far greater than I could ever comprehend.”

If Christ can fill Simon Peter’s net with so many fish it begins to break – I dare to think Christ would have filled the MANY nets that could have been tossed out into the Sea of Galilee.

Who am I to limit God’s blessings? I’m not laying down ONE net, I’m laying down MANY

Now I’ve got a BIG canister with four feathers inside, sitting on my desk. Because I choose abundance. I choose to believe I deserve the bountiful blessings I trust God has in store for me.  

One day, you’ll see my big canister CHUCK FULL of feathers, because I’m worth it. And you’re worth it too.