Spring Clean Your Life!


Everyday I have a list of chores that need to be done around the house.  Dishes, laundry, making beds, tidying up the toy room. It never seems to end!  But even with daily cleaning, inevitably there are those chores that bypass the daily to-do list.  As a society we tend to collect these bypassed chores and complete them in one big swoop .  And we call it spring cleaning.

Today I was cleaning the all too famous “kitchen junk drawer”.  Now I’m convinced that every house has a drawer like this.  It may be a cupboard, maybe even an entire room. But in our house, we have a kitchen drawer where random items go to die.

As I went thru this junk drawer and sorted the pens, box-tops, scissors, & lone lego pieces, it hit me.  Here I was, taking a chunk of my time, to organize and put items in their proper place.  And all because I had failed to put these items away properly the FIRST time!  If I had S L O W E D down the FIRST time I saw that stray lego piece, and walked down the stairs to put it away in the proper place.  Then I wouldn’t be sitting here doing it now!  But since I had procrastinated several times, with several different items, I was now sitting here wasting a large chunk of my time putting things away in their proper places.

My quest to SAVE time in the moment, had, in reality, cost me more time.

It made me think.  How often do I do that with other aspects of my life?  How often do I cut corners in the sake of saving time?  How much time do I waste re-doing work?

I can definitely see I’ve done that with my health!  For years I felt I didn’t have time to cook healthy meals.  I didn’t have time to exercise.  I was cutting corners and I paid the price!  I would sleep constantly.  I would avoid social interaction and group gatherings.  I wasted time watching reality TV, hoping to escape the reality of my own miserable life.  When I HAD to leave the house, I would waste time trying on several different outfits, hoping to find that perfect shirt that would disguise my body so I could avoid the all too familiar question – “When are you expecting your baby?”.  I wasted several hours a day feeling sorry for myself.  I was not living.  I was merely existing.

Yet I continued to lie to myself.  I continued using excuses. “I don’t have time to exercise an hour a day”,  “I don’t have time to research proper nutrition”,  “I don’t have time to do that!”

I think several people feel they don’t have time to be healthy.  In fact, I know some people, especially woman, who feel GUILTY taking personal time to exercise!  They feel selfish.  But the reality is, if you don’t care of yourself properly, it will catch up to you!  You will find yourself in a situation that calls for a spring cleaning. An overhaul of your life.  And while it may take a chunk of your time, but the payoff will be worth it.

Of course, it takes courage to take a step back and recognize the need for change.  I have challengers in my fitness challenge groups that are in a spring cleaning of their life, and I admire their desire to CHANGE and COMMIT to being healthy the RIGHT way.  Everyone is capable of making that change! But just like it is with cleaning…. it is more likely to happen if you have someone there helping you and working beside you.

I learned this principle by being a mother.  I know my children are much more likely to make their beds, put away their clothes, and clean the toy room if I am by their side helping them.  So it is with health and fitness.  People need support!  People need somebody to walk beside them, and guide them with encouragement as they stand with courage to spring clean their mind from defeating thoughts, attitudes, and philosophies.

So the lesson here is simple.  Don’t cut corners.  Do things right the FIRST time.  Every single day do your BEST.  Choose to eat healthy, choose to make daily exercise a priority.  By taking the time to do that everyday you can avoid a “spring cleaning”, an overhaul of your life.

But if you do find yourself in the situation that a spring cleaning would be beneficial…. team up.  Join a Fitness Challenge Group, a support group.  It is the BEST way to ensure your success.

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