Sometimes I forget JUST HOW MUCH my husband has changed over the past year and a half.


10513381_687612124609807_6720770853653380041_nAnd then I see a photo like THIS and I’m reminded – WOW, Jayson looks SOOOO different now!!The funny thing is…. my husband was not on board right off the bat with the idea of working out at home and drinking Shakeology. lol. He felt there was NO WAY a guy could get ripped at home, and he was skeptical tha…t a shake would satisfy him. But over the months, as he saw ME transform and lose weight, so he was ready to give it a shot.And NOW..... he’s lost over 65 lbs (with NO gym membership) and HE’S the one cooking the healthy meals and making sure we get our workouts in each day.I’m forever grateful we have learned how to live a HEALTHY lifestyle! It has helped me feel GOOD about myself and confident. I no longer WORRY about my husband’s health. I am confident Jayson will be around for our kid’s future. And I know we are setting a good example for them as well.#whataBLESSING #myHERO