Some Days are Hard.

I think I use to believe that when someone reached a certain level of success every single day must be AWESOME. They must live life immune to bad days right? 

Well….... I haven’t found that to be the case. 

I still have bad days. Some days are downright crummy actually. Sometimes I’m left wondering “how many things can go wrong in one day??” Yesterday being one of those days. 🙈 By the end of the day when the biggest blow hit {that cherry on top of my perfect mess of a day} I laid on my office floor, ugly crying while my husband tried to console me. 

It was a beautiful disaster of a day. A reminder to me that God still has PLENTY more for me to learn. 

But the morning did come. So I’m embracing this opportunity for a fresh start! 

I am choosing to seek out ways to STRENGTHEN my mind right now and raise my energy. Because I have learned those triggers for depression never go away! Life doesn’t just magically get EASY for anyone. I’ve learned no matter what levels of success you hit, life is still a bundle of trials and experiences. But I’ve also learned I have a choice in every moment. And I don’t have to let triggers control my reactions and continued experiences. 

• I choose to be happy. Even during tough experiences. 

• I choose love and forgiveness. Even when I meet people who are mean and have an agenda to hurt my feelings. 

• I choose to be grateful and seek out things to celebrate. Even when things don’t go the way I think they should. 

I’ve done my PiYo workout. Had my daily dose of nutrition. Read some personal development. Spent time outside in meditation. Now I’m working on my gratitude list and making myself a warm Epsom salt bath. 

Committed to move FORWARD.