What goals do you have for the future? 

This past weekend I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about LIFE and my goals. 

Lots of thoughts going through my mind lately. And I’ll spare you all the details. Ha! But I know it helps me to be accountable on social media so a few things I DO want to share….... My goals. At least the goals I know for sure at this point.  wink emoticon ‪#‎moreclaritytocome‬

1- I’ve talked about learning to fly for a long time. To be honest, FEAR has held me back. Well, it’s time. Every single time I hear a plane fly by I feel in my gut a knowing of …... “I am meant to learn how to fly.” I just know God has valuable life lessons in store for me that I will learn up there in the sky. So, this weekend I’m taking my first lesson.  

2- I also feel drawn to volunteering in a rest home. Several incidents have lead me to this, but again- I just feel there’s something there {or someone there I’m suppose to meet}. Jayson and I both have felt this tug actually. We have a place picked out, just filling out the paperwork now! 

3- Time to revamp my online fitness challenge groups. This goal I’m already in the process of but I’m still going to list it.  I have been working through a whole new schedule and focus for my fitness groups. My current group has been such a good sport as I’m been putting this together one day at a time. Can’t wait for the polished final product! {{Yes, here’s a shameless plug for my November group starting the Monday after Thanksgiving. 😉 But trust me, you’ll want to be in the group! }}

4 – I feel I’ve found a really great balance this year with not working too much. I admit, my natural tendency is to be a workaholic! But I’ve identified how to work SMARTER and thereby give more quantity of time to my family. But now ~~> I want to focus on QUALITY time. Be intentional in the time I spend with my kids and focus on creating memories. 🌠 I just have to say though I’m so so grateful the business has grown in a way Jayson and I BOTH can be there in our FAMILY memories!  🙏🏼

I have more goals on my list ….. coach training video ideas I can make for my team, business rank goals, income goals….. Goals for how to create a more peaceful spirit in our home, and ideas for nurturing my relationship with God. But those are the four most PRESSING things on my mind that I wanted to share, and how I’m taking action. 

What about you? Anyone feeling brave in sharing something they are working on right now?