My Healthy Coping Skills


I use to say I have overcome depression. Because these last 4 1/2 years I’ve been stable without medication. {That’s a first since depression peaked it’s ugly head during 6th grade}.

But maybe I should use different words. Maybe it would be better to say – I’ve learned how to REFUSE TO SURRENDER.


I’ve learned healthy coping skills:

  • working out each day
  • eating clean 90% of the time
  • finding an avenue to SERVE others

I’ve learned that just because there is a trigger, a struggle, a hardship – that does NOT mean I have to throw in the towel and surrender.

And I’ve learned I don’t have to be perfect to make progress. Tony Horton taught me to “Do your best and forget the rest”. {thank you ‪#‎p90x‬}

DoYourBestForgetTheRestSo I’ll tell you – I may not look like a fitness model but I sure can lift, I am strong. AND I may not be the bubbly Sanguine personality but I am also mentally strong. Because I REFUSE to surrender.

I will keep moving forward. And so can you.