I haven’t hosted a free clean eating challenge group in over a YEAR

But it’s been on my mind lately for some reason, and I just feel this is a way I can give BACK and share some tips and tricks that I have learned work for me! 

Few details!  

~ This is a completely free group and you don’t need to purchase anything to join.  

~ I will provide you will FIVE recipes for every single day. The idea is to create a habit of eating 5 small meals daily. Full recipes included.

~ I expect you to do SOMETHING to be active and get moving at least 8 out of 10 days for 30 minutes. Hike, swim, run, do P90X, whatever. 

~ If you’d like to test out Shakeology this is your chance! Not required, or pushed here, but if you’re interested ten days of trying it out will give you a good idea of it’s effect on your health! I have packets available for purchase. $50 dollars for 10 packets and 6 dollars for shipping if you are not local (Phoenix Arizona).

~ Every day I have a video with valuable content for you! Tips on how to prep your snacks and eat healthy on the go, tips for overcoming emotional eating, the 10 principles of clean eating that you need to know, and more.  smile emoticon 

**If you’re a coach I love ya, but no coaches please. I have thousands of coaches in my network and my goal is to help people just starting on their journey, not coach other coaches here.  wink emoticon Thanks for understanding! 

If you’re interested please click to join this group and I will be in touch! We start MONDAY!