I have a confession. 

I use to look at people who went to personal development seminars as “lost souls”. Yep, I judged. 

I figured they must go to seminars because they were lost, confused, and looking in all the wrong places for the answers. “If it was such a life changing experience why would they need to keep going to ANOTHER seminar?”

Now I see things differently. 

I have a spirit. I have a mind. And I have a body. 

I don’t go to church once a year and figure that’s “enough”. I don’t read the scriptures ONCE, or pray once, and figure that’s good enough for my spirit. 

I don’t do P90X once, and figure I’m now healthy and fit for the rest of my life. 

And I don’t go to one seminar, or read one book, and figure my mind is now STRONG enough for a lifetime. 

I feel God sent me here and GROW and CONTRIBUTE. To effectively do those things in the manner I KNOW God intended for me I MUST always be in training. 

Training physically.  
Training spiritually. 
Training mentally. 

So I can grow.  
So I can contribute. 

Funny how things turn around full circle.