Put on your oxygen mask FIRST.

I was talking with a friend this morning and was reminded of a principle that I FOUGHT for a long time, but eventually EMBRACED.


>>>> Putting on my personal oxygen mask FIRST.


I really want to make a difference in the world. I don’t know what it is, but I think it has to do with being in a place of darkness for so long and climbing out…… and just knowing with every fiber of my being that OTHERS ARE STILL WHERE I WAS, and I MUST show them how to pull out! It’s not a “would be nice” thing for me, it’s a MUST DO. Yes, I am highly passionate about what I do as a Beachbody coach because I see people’s lives CHANGE!! Everyday I wake up with a sense of urgency knowing I have something SIGNIFICANT to do, no time to waste. < But >, in order to help other people I have learned I MUST take care of myself first.



When you fly on an airplane you’re reminded of this principle. “In the case of emergencies, please put on your own oxygen mask FIRST before assisting other people.” Isn’t that interesting? In a LIFE or DEATH situation, even where kids are involved, we are told the WAY TO SURVIVE that experience of a plane crashing is to put on our life mask FIRST.


Why would our daily life be any different?


So HOW?? How do you put on your life mask and take care of yourself daily so you can be in that place of helping others? I think there are MANY things you can do to give you a mental BOOST. But here are my top 6 tips!





Take off your shoes, step outside, and put your feet on the grass. Put your feet in the sand, in the ocean, in NATURE, whatever you can to GROUND yourself to the earth! Grounding is an actual thing, it improves your health by absorbing the earth’s natural energy, promoting a healthy electron balance in your body. Sounds cooky huh?!! ha! It’s a real thing and it actually DOES affect your mood and energy, do some research on google and you’ll see what I mean. :)





Good food translates to better moods! If your diet is high in starchy foods you’re going to have some serious mood swings! The food you’re eating can give you a brain fog and low energy. And YEP! – I’m going to tell you to drink Shakeology! I’m not trying to sound like a commercial here, but so many people think Shakeology is just a protein shake, or a weight loss meal replacement shake. NO – it’s more comparable to juicing than anything else. It’s a bunch of dried up ground up super foods. Super foods your body NEEDS to feel good!!

To give you an idea of what is actually IN Shakeology, watch this video!  


But you get to eat LOTS of REAL food as well, whole grains, fruits & vegetables, nuts and healthy fats. You deserve to feel good bottom line so you deserve to eat real foods that nourish your body!


If you’re not a fan of Epsom salt baths, now’s the time to hop on board. And it has to be epsom salt, not just a bubble bath! Epsom salts when dissolved in water will actually be absorbed into your skin and replenish the magnesium in your body! The magnesium helps produce serotonin. YEP – that mood-elevating chemical in your brain that helps you feel CALM and RELAXED. Add a few drops of lavender oil and EVEN BETTER.





A blog post telling you to GET OFF the internet, how ironic I know. lol. Social media can be a great thing! But I have learned {for my own sanity even} that I get to have boundaries in place so I have time to rest and just BE with fewer distractions. It’s healthy to put away your phone {I tell my team to put their phone on airplane mode even!}, turn off the TV, unplug the phone, and just let your mind REST. I have found by COMPLETELY UNPLUGGING for pockets of time every single day it helps me be more alert, more attention, more in the NOW, and it helps those creative juices to flow more freely.



Our bodies are made to move. And no, chasing down toddlers with a fresh diaper does not count. lol. Doing something to get your heart rate UP and the blood pumping in your body – it will do WONDERS for your mood! You are pumping up your body with feel good endorphins, improving your sleep, and just plain creating a sense of command over your life. YOU DESERVE THE BOOST that comes when you build up a good hard sweat!!


This is a trick I learned through years of therapy. When you feel a creative block, your mind is RACING with thoughts – do what I call a BRAIN DUMP. But write it out! At least 3 pages and just get down everything that is going through your mind. To learn how morning papers work you can view a quick video I made about this here:



There are a lot of things you can do to take care of YOU first. But these are my top 6 tips!



Hope this helps someone see there are SMALL things you can do daily to take care of yourself and EMPOWER yourself to help more people. <3