Pass the popcorn please!


If we are out of toilet paper it’s not a big deal.  Just rip a few pages from Better Homes & Gardens and call it good.

Out of milk?  Not a biggie – there’s some powdered milk in food storage.

But if there’s NO POPCORN in the house?  You better believe I’ll be at the grocery store within 5 minutes clearing the shelves because HEAVEN FORBID – we can’t live without our popcorn!!

Seriously guys – this is the BEST SNACK EVER!

It’s low calories in calories, and it’s a great option when you NEED to satisfy those munchies. Plus it’s not like the typical low calorie snack – it actually tastes good.

So that’s my fitness tip for the day:

Stock up on popcorn.

(That is unless you shop at the same store as me.  In that case, please don’t clear the shelves completely because when I need my popcorn, I need my popcorn. Thank you fellow spud buds.)

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