Have you ever wondered what my online fitness challenge groups are like?  

Wondered if they are worth it? If they ACTUALLY make a difference?  

WELL……. I have this idea. I HAVE NEVER DONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE. So we’ll see how this goes. 

But here’s the thing, I personally have a hard time signing up for something when I don’t know FOR SURE it will be worth it.  

I’ve revamped my groups and I LOVE how they have turned out! In the past 3.5 years I have been hosting online groups I dare say this is BY FAR the best challenge group structure I’ve ever come up with! The feedback I’ve been getting is so positive! So I’m graciously confident that you will LOVE my new group format and the valuable information coming your way!  

I’m starting a new 5 week long group this next Monday, November 30th. Wanna test it out? This group is for those that are committing to Shakeology and Beachbody fitness programs. BUT, I’ll let you come join us for the first full week no strings attached! Come test it out for yourself.  

If you love the group format & community you can snag your program and bag of Shakeology after the first week and continue on with the 8 that have already committed at this point. If you decide this online support group thing just isn’t for you – you can remove yourself from the group – no biggie!  

Interested? Comment below “Include me!” and I’ll send you a message.  

** Because I respect the Beachbody community I don’t want to take customers/coaches from other people! If you’re working with another coach or sponsored by someone else please connect with that person.