My Husband's Brazil Butt Lift


I would like to give my husband a hard time for ordering this BeachBody fitness program, but let’s be honest.  Who ISN’T fascinated with Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift?  Just the name of the fitness program ALONE has everyone curious!

So was I surprised when the BeachBody box arrived with my husband’s name on the front and a Brazil Butt Lift program inside???  Not really.  But I am approaching this as a mature adult and assuming too things right off the bat:

1. He bought the program for himself, NOT because he think I need help in this arena.

2. He did NOT buy the program because of the picture on the front.  (Seriously – I almost feel uncomfortable posting this on my website knowing my family is most likely reading this. (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!)

Feeling confident this program was NOT meant for me, I decided to raid his purchase and check things out.  The package included a measurement tracker and tape measure (both pretty standard for BeachBody fitness programs), and a 6 day supermodel Slimdown Plan.

I really liked the 6 day Simdown Plan because it gives you a complete meal plan for those six days with options for men vs woman.  (Which is good since my husband bought this for himself.) It also has Training Tip Cards for when you want to take the show on the road, a recipe book with fat-burning foods, and .a list of supermodel secrets.  And considering that this self proclaimed “butt master” has trained the Victoria Secret Supermodels – I’d say that list is pretty darn valuable.  :)

But my FAVORITE part of this fitness program package was the Booty Makeover Guide.  It was very interesting.  Lots of bum photos and humorous diagrams.  (Maybe I’m not so mature afterall)  They suggest a “pencil test” to determine if your bum bum has enough lift which, again, I found quite humorous, but helpful.  Sadly I failed the pencil test.  In fear that my husband did in fact purchase this for ME – I had to try out some of the videos.

The setting goes back and forth between a gym studio and the beach.  After doing P90X and seeing Tony Horton in that stinkin wharehouse every single day – I appreciated the beach view.  (Of course, I do live in Idaho so the beach view is highly valued in my book)

Overall – I really really liked it.  It was a very good workout that was both enjoyable and fun, and yet still a challenge.  I definietly felt it working my core, thighs and of course – my bum.

My only complaint was that it was hard sometimes to understand Leandro.  He has a thick Brazilian accent which made it difficult to hear the instructions at times.  It wasn’t like I couldn’t understand a single work he said, and I do live in Idaho where few Brazilians dare venture – so take that for what it’s worth.  I was just grateful Leandro enlisted a team of beautiful supermodels to demonstrate the moves at all times so I could at least watch what they were doing and follow their lead.

Conclusion:  I give the fitness program 2 thumbs up for sure.  If I had more thumbs I’d give it even more, but I work with what I’ve got.  (Man, that’s a lame joke but I’m keeping it)  I really liked all the extras that came with the DVDs.  I know people pay good money for healthy recipe books and meal plans, so getting those for free was a really nice bonus.  So I guess I can say I am glad my husband felt it was worth purchasing because I agree – it’s just another fabulous product by BeachBody!

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