My Fitness Journey



Pictures never lie right?  I used to think they did though.  “Oh that’s just a bad angle”, “That’s not what I REALLY look like”... the excuses were endless.

But here’s the proof.

I was overweight. I was lazy.  I had no self control.  I ate anything and everything I wanted and I was soon 165 lbs and only 5 ft 5 inches.  And that’s not a pregnant weight!  Last summer I deliver my third child at 185 lbs.  I would like to blame the excess weight on my three children.  But really – it was candy bar weight, it was french fry weight, it was ice-cream-at-ten-pm-while-I-watch-the-Bachelorette-instead-of-working-out weight.  NOT baby weight.

But guess what – lazy, overweight people can change.  I did.  Unhealthy people who have chosen badly, even if they have done so their whole life, DO have what it takes within them to succeed.  That ability to accomplish our goals is actually within ALL of us.  There is nothing I have, no special personality trait or ability that I have that YOU don’t have as well.

I truly believe the power to succeed is within us all.  We were designed to do succeed.  I passionately believe that with all that I am!  It was a hard lesson for me to learn.  But when I did figure that out, it hit me with such force and magnitude that I can’t deny it.

You see I suffered with depression my whole life.  (I will get into that more in another post)  And for YEARS I wondered, “What’s wrong with me?!?!?!”  “Why can’t I just DO the things that bring me happiness?”

But I came to realize there was nothing wrong with me.  My mistake was holding onto my previous failures and letting those experiences determine my future’s success.  Or more like – my future failures.  We cannot succeed in our goals when we are constantly reminding ourselves of all the times we have failed.

So I forgave myself.  I made the mental switch of looking forward instead of towards the past.  And then I took a step forward.  One step and then another step, and another, and another.  And those small little steps compounded over time and led to my success.

I have not only reached my dream weight, my magical High School weight of 145 lbs … but I have passed that.  I am currently 131 and I honestly can’t believe it sometimes.  Obviously I was that weight at some point in my life, but I can’t remember when.  I was always 145 and that’s where I thought my body would be comfortable.  But I guess I was wrong.  And isn’t that funny how we think we are capable of a certain goal, and then we find out we are capable of even more than that??

I didn’t immediately became a healthy person overnight.  And I know I can still improve in my health.  But I am moving forward.  And I have no doubts I will get there because I AM moving forward.