Move Forward in FAITH

I woke up this morning to the buzz of my alarm clock, 5 am, the sun peaking through my windows, and a heaviness in my heart. 

A feeling of overwhelm. A feeling of “I don’t think I can handle life today.”

And why would I feel a heaviness in my heart? I’m not sure. But there’s a familiarity in the feeling, and I’ve learned it’s one I can’t entertain. So I took a step out of bed. 

Instead of jumping to my workout I spent an hour reading the scriptures and an uplifting book, seeking a positive mindset and peace. 

The over arching theme from this morning’s personal development? Move forward with FAITH

In FAITH that God will arm and support me with strength and courage. In FAITH that my greatest victories are still out there in front of me. In FAITH that I have not laughed my best laugh, I have not dreamed my best dream, I have not seen my best days. 

I walked out the door, promising to God to “stay in the game”. I walked. Feeling a lack of strength to run. Praying as I walked for God to support me. To uplift me. To strengthen me and raise my spirit. 

A feather. A sign to me that angels are nearby. Tears. A half a mile down the road, another feather. By the time I got home 4 feathers had been laid in front me, at the perfect time I happened to look down at the ground. 

I don’t have all the answers. My life isn’t perfect. I don’t wake up every single day feeling on fire, ready to conquer the world. 

But one thing I’ve learned, if I just take a step …. a step out of bed, a step to the bookcase to peel open a book, a step out the front door to get my heart rate up…... God will fill in the gaps. He will multiply my efforts. And He will send angels to circle round about me and lift me up. 

And He will for you too. 

Just take a step forward in FAITH.