Monday Lovin'

The first post I saw on my timeline this morning was of someone complaining about going back to work today. They were so bummed it’s Monday and exclaimed, “I’m already looking forward to my vacation in two weeks.”

Such a bummer!  

I just got home from a weekend at Disneyland. And heck yeah I felt butterflies of excitement on that drive down to Disneyland. But I felt the SAME butterflies of EXCITEMENT doing my workout this morning, getting ready for the day, just THINKING about what I get to do today.  

I LOVE MY JOB!!!! I LOVE that I get to spend time in my challenge groups, surrounded with people who are DRIVEN and MOTIVATED to make positive changes in their life.  

I LOVE that I get to hop on a zoom chat with other coaches who are EXCITED about life, setting BIG GOALS and living their life with PASSION and VISION.  

I LOVE that I get to spend my time talking to people who are READY for changes. I LOVE that I have something to look forward to today.  

I’m excited to see who joins me today on this mission to help other people live healthier more fulfilling lives!!!  

I’m EXCITED for Monday. BOOYAH!!!! Reason to celebrate!!!! I’m NOT sitting here, staying afloat because I am looking forward to my next vacation, the next chance I have to sneak away to Disneyland. I’m looking forward to TODAY. Cuz I get to ADD VALUE to everyone I talk to today, I get to create MORE ripple effects of positive change in the world. I know what I do today MATTERS.  

And THAT is exciting.  

Not saying everyone has to be a Beachbody coach, but DO find something you can be PASSIONATE about!!! Life is too short to spend dreading Mondays and constantly looking forward to the next opportunity you have to go on vacation!!