I don’t normally share things like this, but this post from Meryl Streep really stood out to me.  

Maybe it’s because I have clear memories of boys making fun of me in Junior High. I had horrible horrible acne. And I was DESPERATE to hide my acne behind layers and layers of makeup that I did NOT know how to apply.  

I wasn’t in the “popular” crowd in High School. I was an orchestra nerd. I remember wishing people couldn’t see me. I probably looked at the ground more than the people around me. Depression was my familiar friend.  

I thought things would get better for me in college, but my life only spiraled downhill. By the age of 21 I was in an abusive relationship with a psycho manipulative guy, and landed myself in a mental hospital on suicide watch.  

After that I ended up getting kicked out of college, for the SECOND time, told “don’t come back for at least another five years.”

Least likely to succeed? YEAH. I can relate. I think others discredited my ability, but above that- I discredited my ability.  

Well…..... I proved them wrong. I proved MYSELF wrong.  

In the Beachbody network I’m one of 36 people to hit the highest rank possible {15 Star}. One of 42 people who’s considered an Executive Leader. One of the first 66 people to join the Millionaire Club. And coming in on my third year as an ELITE coach. Out of 390,000 coaches? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.  

If you know my heart you know I’m not pointing out those things to brag. I’m pointing it out to prove a point.

Even if no one believes in you, even if you have self doubt, if you just KEEP MOVING FORWARD you can do the unthinkable!  

You, yes YOU, have the ability within to reach ANY goal you can dream up.  

Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise.