Meal Planner Tutorial


1. Type in into your browser.




2.  Sign in

Meal Planner Sign In





3. Next you will need to enter your Username and Password.










4. Click on the “Eat Smart” tab.

eat smart button




5.  Click on the “My Meal Planner” text on the left side.

meal planner










6.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the “Choose Plan” dropdown to choose the plan you want.  You can click on the individual plans listed here to learn a little more about what the purpose of each plan is for.  After you have selected the plan from the dropdown click the ogange button at the bottom on the right that says “Select and Customize this plan”.

select meal plan









7.  The next step is to select the daily colories that you want your diet to consist of.  notice the check box to include a serving of  Shakeology every day to be incorperated in the meal plan.  Once yu have selected the daily calories then click the “I Accept” button.

Select Calorie Allotment






8.  You are there! You should have a meal plan in front of you for the next week.  The meal planner does not know what you like and don’t like so it has given you the opportunity to go in and edit the meals that you don’t want or you can even just swap things out in a specific meal to have broccoli instead of carrots etc.

You can also get all the nutritionals for everything in the meal by clicking on the link below the picture and then selecting the nutritionals tab on the pop up window.

Meal Planner



NOTES:  Once you have selected the plan you want and have the meals edited for your liking there is a shopping list feature.  This feature is nice but it does give you all of the shopping for the entire meal plan for the entire week.

Below are my reccomendations when starting with this meal planner:

  • Go shopping in your kitchen before going to the store.  You might be surprised at what you already have.
  • DO NOT substitue unhealthy for healthy.  For example if the list calls for whole wheat pasta and you have the original ge the stuff on the list, make the sacrifice it is worth it.
  • In the begining you will waste a lot less food and money if you shop for one or two meals at a time instead of the entire week.  A lot of the food is fresh and will go bad if you do not use it, and there are a lot of times when your plans change and what is for dinner changes with it.
  • Learn to Climb Michi’s Ladder and start trading up for more healthy things.
  • Pay attention to the prep time. If you need to prepare the night before to make sure your not frantic trying to get things prepared.
  • Serve dinner on the plate.  You get what you get, a serving size for each dish.  No more temptations of the uneaten food sitting there on the table, only make enough to consume at meal time.  This will help you stick to the plan and not over eat.  When your done there is no seconds or thirds.  This will also cut down on the amount of dishes left to clean after.


Note  The Online Meal Planner is FREE with your club membership!  To sign up with a Team BeachBody club membership CLICK HERE!