Last month my team organized a gift for me in celebration of joining the Millionaire Club. They all donated money for me to give AWAY to a charity.  

I was so touched by their desire to SERVE! I learned about a girl fighting for her health and we donated to her cause. You can donate as well! I’ll post the link to her Go Fund Me campaign in the comments below. 

But I wanted to do more to celebrate the Millionaire Club and honor my team’s desire to give back. So I told our team for every person they helped get started on their health and fitness journey in October, Jayson and I would donate money on their behalf to the Make A Wish Foundation.  

We tallied October Success Club points and made a donation of $7,160 on our team’s behalf to the Make A Wish Foundation. I knew it would be appreciated, but I didn’t expect it to turn into anything.  

So I was surprised to get an email this week! After a few emails back and forth they invited us to come tour their Arizona Wish House. Little did I know the very first WISH ever granted happened here in Arizona. A little 7 year old boy named Chris Greicius was battling leukemia. He had a dream of being a police officer. As his illness progressed, friends and family rallied together to create a special day for Chris. A helicopter ride, traveling in a patrol car, an official swearing in ceremony, and custom uniform. Four days later Chris passed away. But it inspired people to continue on granting wishes.  

It became an foundation and is now an international foundation. But still, the headquarters remain in Arizona.  

We just got to tour the Wish House. We saw a room full of toys, all donated randomly by Matel. We saw walls covered with photos of children’s faces who’s wishes have come true. We saw glass doors covered with three words- Hope, Strength, and Joy. The three things this foundation hopes to instill in every child. What touched me most- a photo of a little girl who’s wish was to be blessed by the pope, and Make A Wish Foundation made it happen. That little girl passed away last night.

The whole time we walked through this Wish House I was on the verge of tears. This hits a chord! I got to be a part of a Make A Wish service project in college and create a Tarzan backyard for a little boy who passed on three years after. I never have forgotten what it felt like to be a part of that.  

I don’t know where this will lead, but I do know we want to be involved in this foundation. For now, we get to fund an entire wish because of what our TEAM did last month! We have a list of wishes waiting to be fulfilled, now we only have to pick one!  

I just wanted to share in gratitude for my TEAM. They inspired this whole chain of events! Thank you Team Forward Fitness. I love our team and what we are all about. Such a cool thing we get to make someone’s wish come true because of our united effort last month.