Love Yourself First

When you embark on a new goal you need a MAIN underlying reason WHY

For a long time I WANTED to lose weight and be healthy. And my reason WHY?? – - > I thought if I lost weight maybe I would FINALLY like myself. 

Pretty lame and pathetic, eh?? Well, it wasn’t very inspiring to me either. LOL. So I never stuck with it.

Then I changed my way of thinking. I loved me FIRST. {As corny and new-age as it sounds.} I loved myself as I was in the moment RIGHT NOW, excess weight and all. And THEN ......{surprise surprise}.... I was motivated to work out and eat clean because I wanted to take care of myself and the body God gave me. I knew I DESERVED to feel good. 

John C Maxwell says you have to see value in yourself before you are motivated to ADD value to yourself. And I would 100% agree with that. THAT is what motivated me then, and even still to this day, to get out of bed and do my workout each morning. Because I know I’m worth it.