Today was my first day of school. 

Flight school that is.  😉😲🙈

Yep! After my introductory flight the other day I officially enrolled in classes, got paired up with an instructor, and early this morning I logged in my first couple hours. 

Kind of geeking out that I own a pilot logbook. 

Never in a million years did I think I would ACTUALLY learn how to fly!! Even when I put it on my dream board/bucket list, I kind of figured it would never REALLY happen. But I’ve surprised myself. 

My grandma use to tell me as a kid, “Brigitte, you can do hard things.” My grandma had an “I-can-do-hard-things” club. And she always encouraged me to be a member of that club. 

Well, I think my grandma would be proud of me. Because this ISN’T easy for me. I feel fear every time I think about going up in that plane! 

But I choose to face the things I’m afraid of and move FORWARD

Guess I belong in my grandma’s club after all ——> Because I CAN do hard things. {{and psst…. So can you. 😉}}

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