One Decision Can Change Your Life

Two years ago I guess my husband and I were driving through the Idaho countryside with out kids.  

We use to do that a lot. It gave us a chance to let the kids stop to see the cows and horses, which they loved. But more than that- it gave us a chance to talk about our goals, and dream about the future. Driving around the countryside was OUR TIME together, our chance to have the hard conversations. 

At this time we were contemplating Jayson leaving his job. It was a big decision, something we had been talking about for months. But this time two years ago is when we decided to go for it. 

>> July 2013 was the last full month Jayson worked as an employee. <<

I know it concerned a lot of people that we were making that decision to live on our Beachbody income. But I think back on the growth I have seen in both Jayson and I, the ability we have had to set our own schedule, live where we want to live, and all the memories we have built as a family over the past 2 years…. and I have to say….... 

Two years ago, as we drove through the Idaho countryside, we made the BEST DECISION EVER for our family. 

A decision I would make all over again.