No Matter What

Yep, I’m the girl who hosted a call for my team today from my laptop, in my car, using my phone as a hotspot. 

I have an appointment up in Scottsdale and knew I wouldn’t have time between zoom chats to drive up. So I came up early and I’ve been working from my car. Is it convenient? Not really. 

Not to mention I haven’t been feeling good the last 5 or so days. In the Dominican Republic I got sick so I finally decided to go to the doctor this morning. The verdict? E-Coli. Yuck. 

It would be easy to cancel everything these past few days and just not show up. Take a break, take it easy. I’m in control of my schedule so not like it would be a big deal! 

If I told people I wasn’t sleeping at night and not eating much and feeling sick and tired, I’m sure everyone would understand. 

But I know if I want to have a successful business, you KEEP MOVING FORWARD, that’s just whatcha do! 

And I couldn’t help but notice our guest speaker on today’s call, Colleen Curtice doing the same thing. 

It’s her wedding anniversary today. She hasn’t been feeling good either! It would have been SO easy for her to cancel or reschedule. But she didn’t. She showed up with ENERGY and delivered golden nuggets of information and motivation to my team. 

I don’t know about Colleen, but this has NOT been an easy choice for me. Ha! I’ve wanted to just sleep and sleep until I feel better, it’s taken a conscious choice to keep moving forward. But in all these books I read I have learned I’m not going to progress in life if I take action steps only when it’s convenient. 

I think that principle applies in LIFE all around. Whether you’re building a business, trying to lose weight, complete a fitness program, or working on a big project at school. You can’t wait for life to slow down and for it to be convenient!! You move forward no matter what! ‪#‎NewYearsResolutionsStartNow‬

So while I’m not feeling my best. I’m going to celebrate that I’m doing the best I CAN today.  ‪#‎trustingtheprocess‬ ‪#‎inchingforward‬ ‪#‎mobilebusiness‬