Last night as I was reading through my flight book I felt like giving up. 

Floating carburetors. The fuselage verses the empennage. The difference between a monocoque structure and a semi-monocoque structure. Remembering what the rudder is, the throttle, ailerons, stabilator, trim tab, yoke, flaps, and how I control it all….

It’s a lot. 

“I’m just not cut out for flying! I don’t have the mind for this. This is not common sense to me. I don’t get it.”

Just a few of the thoughts flooding my mind last night. So much self doubt. So much fear. Some tears of self pity. 

Learning to fly is HARD

But I got up today and said a prayer asking for strength and courage; came to my flight lesson this morning and logged in another full hour up in the air. Me- flying. That landing I did today? All me. 👊

And guess what? I still don’t get it all- but I did better than Tuesday.  ‪#‎progress‬

This is NOT easy for me, I’ll tell you that. But I’m not giving up. 

I WILL master this.