It dawned on me today that this is the SECOND time this year I have walked this very beach.


10624573_10203684313640818_6835458360899131169_nI had almost forgotten I was here that first week of January. I came to California with a group of my coaches for a Dani Johnson seminar and we spent Sunday at the Santa Monica beach taking selfies, eating ice cream & yummy seafood, and sharing our hopes and dreams for the future.

It was only nine months ago, but it feels like another lifetime. It’s a bit of a twilight zone walking …the beach with my husband this afternoon.

It feels so long ago, because so much has changed…... Namely in me. In how I view the world. In how I view my purpose and role on earth. And in how I view God.

And it can all be summed up in this GREAT pivotal lesson. That there are ENDLESS possibilities in life.

I use to think my life had no purpose. That I was incapable of adding value. That I had nothing to give, no reason to live. I felt the options for my life and future were very few.

But now I know through God I can do ANYTHING. And words cannot express how grateful I am for that knowledge.

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