Insanity and Shakeology Transformation: Ashton M.


I absolutely LOVE transformation stories!  I just started Insanity yesterday and I’ve been checking out all the Insanity transformations.  This one is one of my favorites!  Ashton had AMAZING results with Insanity!










Insanit and shakeology transformation stats



Read what Ashton Had to say about her transformation.
“There’s numerous achievements, my initial goal was to get to 150, I’m 1lb shy of that today. I seriously thought this was an outstretched goal, I cant wait to change that to a lower number! My asthma is under complete control, the only time I would ever have to use it is around animals cause of allergies. My back has never felt better, I have not had any issues because of strengthening my core! I’ve become a healthier person which have brought that on to my kids, family friends and many more! I’m so proud of how beachbody helped me save my life, I feel younger then I ever have! My energy and endurance skyrocketed and I feel like I can take on the world!”



Isn’t that amazing!  I can’t wait to see what my results are in 60 sixty days!

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