Today has been so surreal! 

I’ve been watching Mindy‘s kids today while Chris & Mindy unpack into their new house. 

I still can’t believe some of my best friends have just moved to Arizona! 

Tonight, as we gathered at my house for dinner I had a little flashback. 

The very first time I EVER met Chris & Mindy they were at our house in Idaho Falls, sitting at our kitchen table, asking us how this business REALLY works. 

We met one another through mutual friends on Facebook and had a few conversations online. One weekend they happened to be driving through Idaho Falls so we decided to met in person to talk about Beachbody. After that Mindy became one of my first business building coaches! She was my first personally sponsored diamond coach. My first star diamond coach. 

WHO WOULD THOUGHT just over 3 years later we would both be living in Arizona! Both full time Beachbody coaches with our husbands retired. Choosing where we want to live. 

I’m so so grateful I did the scary thing and signed up as a coach. And I’m so so grateful Mindy was willing to trust me and join my team.

If we had only known then we would be HERE and NOW one day…. I wonder what we would have thought. 

Here we are- just two moms willing to share our journeys and help other people, and work hard to create a better future for our families. Crazy to think how much has changed since then.  ðŸ‘¯

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