hey you. YEAH YOU! >>>>> I want you to join my 5 o'clock club.


brigitte linfordYou see, if I find something that makes a significant positive difference in my life, I want to include others to do it with me. Everyone deserves to feel good right?!!

I know that waking up at 5 am sets my day off on a positive note. It gives me time to workout, shower and get ready, read something positive, and be in a good space mentally and spiritually BEFORE my kids wake up.

There’s GOT to be others that feel the same way!!

Well I believe in surrounding myself with others who have the same goals as me. People who will challenge me. Push me. And hold me accountable to the goals I have set for myself. And I LOVE to be that support for others. I’ve seen it work with my health and fitness goals, so I figure it will work with my goal of getting UP in the morning.

SO, I’m starting my own club. The 5 o’clock club is a no-strings attached, non-Beachbody related, private group of individuals who see the value in waking up early – but would like a little accountability in doing so.

Want to get in the habit of waking up early? Willing to check in daily when you’re AWAKE? Then you’re TOTALLY invited. Join my group HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/5amMorningClub/