“How do you find the motivation to change your life? How do you find the motivation to exercise daily?”

Well….... All I know is what worked for me. 

You see these three kids? They use to see me sleeping… a lot. They use to watch me sit on the couch watching hours upon hours of reality TV. They use to watch me eat fast food and lots of ice cream. They use to watch me complain to my husband about how I didn’t feel good and none of my clothes fit.  

One day I realized everything they were watching ME do, THEY would someday do themselves.  

Hello motivation.  
So while I don’t really like people watching me while I work out. I don’t push the kids out of the room if they want to observe my morning workouts.  

With all the {less than ideal} examples I have set for my kids, I can only hope they remember these moments.  

Because my kids deserve to grow up as healthy happy adults.