Greatest Trials = Greatest Blessings

Just sitting here, in my parent’s backyard watching the sunrise after an early morning run, and thinking about HOW MUCH has changed over the last four years.

Four years ago I didn’t even know what Beachbody was. Never would I have thought I’d be living in Arizona and supporting my family as a Beachbody coach!

But I never thought my parents would even sell their Shamrock Park house, let alone leave Idaho Falls. And here they are, living in St George Utah full time.  

So many changes. A lot of hard times, and a lot of happiness. Funny how those two things go together.  

I’m grateful for the NOW, and the principles and people who remain constant in my life. But I’m excited to see what experiences God has in store for me and my family, surely some I can’t currently comprehend.  

No doubt my biggest trials have lead to my greatest blessings. And I think it will be that way for you too.