Filled with Gratitude


brigitte gratitude postToday I am OVERWHELMED with gratitude to know STRONG WOMEN.⠀⠀⠀⠀
Strong women are the ones that BUILD one another up instead of tearing one other down. And NEVER IN MY LIFE have I had such a COMMUNITY of strong women in my life.
I met one on a cruise last year, Emma Lee Whaley, and we became good friends. She just came to stay with her family at our house for a couple days and MAN I love that girl! Made me so happy to see our kids get along so well too.  
Then, this morning I had a video chat with my mastermind group.  Seay Eyles StanfordElizabeth Hartke, and Kristina Delgado are my masterminds, some ladies in the Beachbody network that I brainstorm ideas with. And again, I have so much respect for each one of these ladies.
There’s so many though that I have met along the way that I just adore and have so much admiration for!
I just think it’s UNIQUE to have met so many ladies in this Beachbody community that have a sincere desire for me to do well, they encourage me and hold me accountable.


There’s no competition, just support. It’s no surprise to me that each one of the friends I mentioned are TOP COACHES in this network. They are there for good reason.
It’s pretty cool that Beachbody attracts STRONG WOMEN. For that, I am grateful.