I have a hard time “faking it”. When I do something it’s with my whole heart, and all my passion. 

That is greatly to my benefit when I wake up feeling excited for the day. 

But what about those days when I wake up feeling blah?? Truth is some days I’m just not feeling the drive to “do all the things”. 

I read this quote the other day that has stuck with me. “You can act your way into a feeling long before you can feel your way into action.” ~ John C Maxwell. 


To me that means I get to ENGAGE in the process to create mental momentum. I can’t wait to “feel” like doing something, I act, and THEN the feeling follows. 

Yesterday, I admit, I let me feelings rule my day. I wasn’t effective with my day. I cried over dumb things. I sat there waiting for the motivation to kick in, but it never came. I don’t want to say yesterday was a waste, it was good feedback that my choice to WAIT AROUND FOR THE MOTIVATION doesn’t really work for me. 

This morning, when the alarm clock went off I felt the same way I did yesterday, but determined to learn my lesson- I GOT MOVING

And what do you know- that motivation, passion, and rejuvenation kicked in when I climbed up a hill to watch the sunrise. 

Guess John C Maxwell was really onto something there.  💡

I KNOW this stuff, nothing new. These are all things I’ve learned before. Guess this stubborn mom needs to RELEARN principles over and over again. One day I’ll master all the things I’m learning.  😉