I headed to Tony Robbins with certain expectations. One thing I did NOT expect? 

An entire day spent on the HEALTH & NUTRITION

I feel I learned soooooo much about real HEALTH. Misconceptions about diseases, the power of alkalinity, what oils I need to make sure I’m consuming every day, and what foods act as poisons for our body. 

SO. MUCH. INFORMATION. They even sent me home with a booklet with over 100 pages of info just on this topic alone!!

Well you know me….. I can’t keep this info to myself! 

I’m opening a special new challenge group Monday for my new personally sponsored coaches and my new customers so I can share what I’ve learned! The first week we will focus on nutrition and clean eating. Then dial in the fitness aspect for the four following weeks. Then if you’re wanting to make this a lifestyle, we will take it from there. 

But it’s a five week initial commitment! The group, support, and info is free. But you need the tools for success, and THAT I don’t buy for you.  wink emoticon Your investment will be 140 dollars {because I know people will ask}. And that includes 30 meals, access to a online catalog with thousands of workouts proven to bring results, a nutrition plan, and access to the private group. 

This group isn’t for everyone! You’ll be pushed, held to a high standard, and I might just call you out if you give me excuses.  ‪#‎WarningYouNow‬  😉

This group IS for those who want to take their health and nutrition to the next level. Those that want to take action steps to AVOID the flu this year and feel comfortable in holiday family photos. 

Is that you? Are you interested? Comment below “yes please!” and I’ll send you more info tonight! 

PS—-> Because I’m just one person, and I’ve never done a group like this before, I’m limiting the group size. First come first serve!