Emily's Transformation - P90X


This is one of my favorite transformations.  Emily did P90X for 120 days and look at the difference 4 months can make!  She started out with 28% body fat and weighing 140 lbs.  She is now at 12% body fat and 110 lbs.  One of my favorite parts about hearing her story was when she said she hit a plateau after losing 10 pounds.  She was eating clean and doing her workouts everyday and didn’t lose any weight for 3 weeks.  She said she almost giving up, but she went to her online support group and found the strength to move forward towards her goals.  She finally lost 2 pounds and continued on down from there.  What a great example of how Fitness Challenge Groups can keep individuals motivated to achieve their dreams.  Way to go Emily!Emily'sBefore&After

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