My life coach said something this past week that really stood out to me.  

He said “A lot of times when people see success they let fear take over because now they have something to lose. They start to self sabotage, and then they give that self sabotage meaning.”

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

One might think at the level of success I’ve had in Beachbody that I have no fear. I’m a 15 star! I’m earning a significant income doing something I love from home! That must mean I have ZERO fear, right?! Wrong. I have mounds of fear, probably more than I did at the beginning. Because now, now I have something to lose.  

Well, if the norm is for successful people to self sabotage – I’m fighting that norm. Consider this my public declaration, the announcement of my fight song. 🔊

I won’t let the fear take over and line the decisions I make! I’m fighting & challenging the limiting beliefs within. I refuse to self sabotage.  

I will hold strong to the commitment I made to God on my 29th birthday….. I will KEEP MOVING FORWARD, no matter what.  👊🏼

#SelfSabotageStepAside #iwillconquerME#alwayslearningandgrowing