Dreams vs Reality


Have you ever asked a child what they want to be when they grow up?  Chances are if you asked a child their dreams they would tell you the biggest, most wild dreams you could ever imagine.  And that’s because children are naturally great dreamers.  They focus on what they ARE doing.  They focus on WHERE they want to be and HOW they are going to help others.  They are dreamers and they dream BIG!I’m sure if you think back to your childhood you had high expectations.  You were going to be somebody.  You were going to make a difference.  But somewhere along the way something changed.  Somewhere along the way your focus shifted not to where you want to be, but where you are right now.  You stopped focusing on all the possibilities and starting focusing on all the limitations of your present circumstances.

Some may claim they just grew up and faced reality.  But is it dealing with reality or is it just giving up?

I have a little baby girl who is 11 months old and just learning to take her first steps.  Right now she has big dreams of walking someday.  But she can’t quite figure it out.  She does try, in fact she tries over and over and over again EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  But the reality is she can’t walk right now.

What if she just faced that reality and stopped trying?  What if she accepted the reality that she can’t do what her brother and sister can do right now?  What if she just faced the reality of her current abilities and consented to crawling for the rest of her life?

It sounds absurd right?  One of my mentors Craig Holiday pointed out that example of babies learning to walk and it has changed the way I view my dreams and goals. My little baby knows that her present reality does not determine her future and I am grateful for that example.

We are ALL capable of reaching our dreams and goals, no matter our current situation and abilities.  Just because you can’t do something right now does not mean it can’t be done.  Your current abilities do not determine your future capabilities.  I believe that with my whole heart.

If you have big dreams of being healthy, getting in shape, overcoming a food addiction, or losing weight – let go of the doubt and fear and be like a little child.  Believe in yourself.  Dare to dream.  You CAN do it.  Even if your reality is full of limitations: bad genetics, lack of money, lack of equipment, illness.  Those limitations do not determine your chances of success.  Your determination to keep on trying determines your success.

If you are looking to fight your reality of an unhealthy lifestyle – I offer you a challenge.  Join one of my Fitness Challenge Groups and be a witness to YOUR accomplishments.  You CAN do this….. you CAN have your own transformation story and be the person you always dreamed of being.

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