Do you remember how much money you made at your first job?


1613889_10203780433363751_4816084541361784715_nI was just thinking about MY first job working at a roller skating rink, for $5.15 an hour. I was the one telling people to “Stop, turn around, and skate in the opposite direction.” lol. I felt I was a darn good employee so after being there for 6 months I asked for a ten cent raise. TEN CENTS. $5.25 an hour isn’t unreasonable is it…?!! It was the year 1999, not like I didn’t have friends earning way above that. WELL..... I was denied my ten cents.It bugged me so much I vowed to NEVER put myself in that kind of position again where SOMEONE ELSE had the power to determine MY worth. I never again worked for an hourly rate. On my team webinar last night I reflected on that experience in NOT getting a ten cent raise. I couldn’t help but think…. how many ADULTS are dealing with that today?! They have to ASK for raises, even small MINIMAL pay increases. They don’t get to just make the choice -“Hey I want more money so I’m going to get more money.”

Here’s a few stats for you guys. The first 3 months of 2013 I saw a 314% RAISE in my weekly paycheck. THREE MONTHS and my weekly paycheck tripled.

I decided that was lots of fun. So I decided to give myself another raise. The first 3 months of 2014 I saw a 210% RAISE in my weekly paycheck. That’s right….. three months passed, and my weekly income was DOUBLED.

In what other company or business structure can you DOUBLE or TRIPLE your income in just three months?!!!

Funny thing, that’s actually a common thing in this Beachbody world, at least on my team. So Facebook world…. consider this your PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. If you’d like to GIVE YOURSELF a raise – you can!!! You don’t HAVE to let someone else determine your worth. Why is that accepted as OK?? I don’t get it. There is another option people!! If you’d like to learn the strategies that I JUST shared last night on my team webinar as I showed my team how to maximize this last quarter of the year so they can give themselves a raise in the new year… well…. this is your invitation to join my team. I have a new coach training group starting MONDAY.

If you don’t want to join THE BEST TEAM EVER and get one-on-one mentoring from yours truly, no pressure. Your loss. But just remember THIS – You don’t HAVE to settle for other people’s perceptions of what you are worth. Know your worth, and NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS.