Comparison Chart - You do the math


Everyone I know seems to be interested in taking Shakeology. They KNOW it’s the best thing for them, yet they have ONE.BIG.HANGUP. Price.  They say “I don’t have the money for that.”  Ironically, that seems to be the same excuse people give for not eating health.  “Organic foods are too expensive”, or “Fruist & Vegetables cost too much money.“Is your health not worth anything to you??

And more than that – have you ever actually compared the price?


Isn’t it funny that people will say they don’t have enough money to eat healthy whole foods?  And yet they will eat fast food CONSTANTLY.... putting unhealthy food into their bodiesnd then spend even MORE money on healthcare because they are sick and overweight??

It’s not really funny I guess…. just strange.  Very, very strange.



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